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The Kentucky Opportunity Coalition, Inc., seeks to be a positive voice for those who seek to make our commonwealth a better place


Solutions for Kentucky

Health Care

Promote an efficient, accessible, quality and affordable health care system in our commonwealth.

Government Efficiency

Provide a more transparent government through efficiency and fiscal responsibility


Education is the building block to greater jobs, opportunities, healthier lifestyles, and enhanced quality of life. Invest in providing Kentucky’s children with quality education opportunities

Economic Development

Create a thriving environment for economic opportunity


Position Kentucky as an energy leader while relieving our dependence on foreign sources

Latest News

KY Opportunity Coalition Releases TV Spot “Reviews” Looks at What People are Saying About Alison Grimes (10/28/2014) - (Louisville) The Kentucky Opportunity Coalition, a 501(c)4 non-profit corporation with a mission of educating citizens about issues affecting Kentuckians, is releasing a new television ad focused on what news outlets have to say about Alison Grimes and her campaign. The ad will run through November 3. The Coalition is spending $320-thousand on the spot in […]

Our Mission

It is the mission of the Kentucky Opportunity Coalition, Inc. to transform our commonwealth through 21st century solutions to problems and issues facing Kentuckians in education, economic development, health care, transportation and fiscal matters impacting the growth of our communities. The Kentucky Opportunity Coalition, Inc. seeks to bring about long-term positive change with fewer additional regulatory burdens and taxes.

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