Kentucky Opportunity Coalition Continues Statewide Issues Campaign

New Radio Ad Discusses Obama Admin’s War on Coal, KY Jobs

(Louisville) The Kentucky Opportunity Coalition, a 501(c)4 non-profit corporation with a mission of educating citizens about issues affecting Kentucky, continues its statewide, $1.83 million issues  advocacy  effort Monday by releasing a new radio ad called “Assault.” The ad draws attention to coal country job losses under President Obama, and tax increases on coal in President Obama’s latest budget.

“This new radio ad educates Kentuckians on just how bad President Obama’s policies are for coal producing states like ours,” said the Coalition’s senior advisor, Scott Jennings. “The ad also says it’s time for action, and asks listeners to sign a petition to oppose Obama’s anti-coal budget and to urge Senator Mitch McConnell to keep fighting Obama’s war on coal to save Kentucky jobs and way of life.”
In addition to calling out President Obama’s anti-coal agenda and encouraging Senator McConnell to keep fighting it, in that regard, the ad also notes Senator McConnell’s record to date, which includes stopping cap and trade legislation in the Senate and sponsoring and pushing for the Saving Coal Jobs Act  (S. 1514) .

The new radio ad can be heard here:

OBAMA: “The national climate action plan I unveiled will…lead the world in a coordinated assault on a changing climate.”

ANNC: It’s a coordinated assault on our coal communities. Obama’s War on Coal. More than seven thousand Kentucky coal jobs gone under Obama. And now he’s proposing a budget that would raise taxes on coal by nearly four billion dollars. He’s not giving up.
But Mitch McConnell isn’t giving up, either. McConnell knows: coal keeps the lights on. And keeps Kentucky working. It’s why he helped stop cap-and-trade in the Senate. Now McConnell’s pushing the Saving Coal Jobs Act…to rein in Obama’s regulators.
Here in Kentucky, our jobs and communities are on the line – and it’s time for action. Sign the petition at www dot Save Kentucky dot org …and tell Senator McConnell, to oppose President Obama’s tax raising anti-coal budget and keep fighting to save Kentucky jobs and Kentucky’s way of life.

Last week, the Coalition announced a three week, $1.83 million issues campaign that would discuss various issues of importance to Kentuckians. The first advertisement of the push was on veterans and military issues, and can be seen here:

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