Kentucky Opportunity Coalition to Begin Six-Week Ad Campaign Supporting Conservative Policies in Frankfort

First Spot Tackles Wasteful Spending, Pensions, and Tort Reform


(Louisville) The Kentucky Opportunity Coalition, a 501(c)4 non-profit organization dedicated to educating Kentuckians about public policy matters of vital importance, is launching a six-week ad campaign about serious issues under review by the Kentucky General Assembly.

The first ad in the campaign is called “Something New,” and discusses three issues – government spending, public pensions, and tort reform.

  • “…the state is facing a half-billion dollar budget shortfall caused by the pension crisis and the rising cost of Medicaid…” – WDRB-TV, January 5, 2016 
  • “Kentucky’s lawsuit climate has worsened and now ranks number 39 out of 50 states according to a new national survey…” – Institute for Legal Reform, September 10, 2015

“The coalition was pleased with its public education efforts in previous years and has decided to carry that forward as Frankfort policymakers figure out what to do about the massive budget shortfall, our unfunded pension liabilities, and the state’s legal climate,” said Scott Jennings, Senior Advisor to the Kentucky Opportunity Coalition. “There are two groups of people in Frankfort right now –those that want to explode our debt and cling to anti-job policies, and the conservatives who want to cut wasteful spending, fix our pensions, and improve our job climate,” Jennings said.

View the new ad here, which is running on cable systems across the state.


Kentucky has major financial problems, but longtime Frankfort politicians and insiders refuse to change their big spending ways.


Let’s try something different.


Governor Matt Bevin and conservatives in the legislature are working to get Kentucky’s finances back on track. They have a plan to cut wasteful spending, fix our broken pension system and finally pass tort reform.


Visit today, and send a clear message: I support the conservative plan.



Learn more about the Kentucky Opportunity Coalition by visiting Media inquiries should be directed at the Coalition’s Senior Advisor, Scott Jennings, at 502-649-3425 or

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