Kentucky Opportunity Coalition Turns to Family Farms and Taxes with New TV Ad

Second TV spot released in $1.83 million advocacy series

(Louisville) The Kentucky Opportunity Coalition, a 501(c)4 non-profit corporation with a mission of educating citizens about issues affecting Kentuckians, has released a new television ad. The spot is running statewide and focuses on the death tax. The ad features John Mahan, a farmer from Bourbon County, Kentucky, who says “the death tax makes it harder for us to hand our farm on to our kids.”

“Mr. Mahan articulates well what thousands of farmers and small business owners across Kentucky know: that visiting the undertaker and the IRS on the same day is fundamentally wrong,” said Scott Jennings, senior advisor to the Coalition. “Sen. Mitch McConnell recently stopped a massive increase in the death tax, and he is sponsoring legislation to repeal it outright. We are launching a petition to encourage those efforts.”

In 2013, as part of the deal to avert the fiscal cliff, Sen. McConnell “was able to permanently prevent a massive increase in the death tax, which would have especially harmed Kentucky farmers and their families,” according to the news aggregation website The same article quotes from a Kentucky Farm Bureau statement that praised McConnell’s work, saying McConnell “was determined to keep the interests of Kentucky’s farm families and their financial stability at the forefront of the debate.” In addition to preventing an increase in the death tax, McConnell is also a sponsor of S. 1183, the Death Tax Repeal Act of 2013.

The new spot on the death tax can be viewed here:

Mr. MAHAN: As a farmer, there’s good years and bad. The last thing we need is Washington making it harder on us. The Death Tax makes it harder for us to hand our farm on to our kids. Mitch McConnell’s been fighting to end the Death Tax, to help us keep our Kentucky family farms. For our family farms to survive, we have got to get in this fight. I signed the petition to end the Death Tax.

ANNC: Join Senator Mitch McConnell in the fight for family farms. Sign the petition today.

The Coalition’s petition in support of ending the death tax can be found at This is the second television ad in a series of three that the Coalition will unveil between March 19 and April 19. The first ad dealt with military and veterans issues. As part of the three week issue campaign, the Coalition also launched a radio ad dealing with President Obama’s “War on Coal.”


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