KY Opportunity Coalition Launches $1.8 Million Issues Campaign

Focus of Statewide TV & Radio Begins with Military & Veterans Issues

(Louisville) The Kentucky Opportunity Coalition, a 501(c)4 non-profit corporation with a mission of educating citizens about issues affecting Kentuckians, will spend $1.83 million over the next three weeks on a series of issue ads. The first installment begins March 19th with a TV ad called “Deserve,” which highlights military and veterans’ issues. The ad educates citizens about President Obama’s proposed military cuts and how those cuts could hurt Kentucky’s veterans and military bases. 

“The coalition is asking people to sign a petition at to oppose President Obama’s plan to cut the military. This advertising is designed to educate citizens about President Obama’s plans to slash military spending and leave our nation in a weaker position, and to urge Senator Mitch McConnell—who has a strong record  of standing up for Kentucky’s  servicemen and women—to oppose those military budget cuts,” said Scott Jennings, a senior advisor to the Coalition.

Jennings said the Coalition will roll out a series of ads over the next three weeks in a statewide buy that includes broadcast and cable television coverage, along with selected radio placement.

“The coalition plans to spend over $1.8 million to educate Kentuckians about several issues. This week, you’ll see the coalition specifically discuss issues that affect Kentucky’s veterans and military installations. Each week we’ll bring a different issue to the table, and we are pleased to have the resources to educate citizens about these critical matters,” Jennings said.

The first spot can be viewed here.

ANNC: In Kentucky, we honor those who serve. Senator Mitch McConnell knows: they deserve nothing less. That’s why he fought to bring a new VA hospital to Louisville, for more body armor to protect our troops, and higher pay for soldiers. But now President Obama’s administration wants to cut the military. Which could hurt veterans, and Kentucky’s Fort Campbell and Fort Knox. Sign the petition today to Oppose Obama’s plan to cut the military. Tell Senator McConnell to keep fighting for our troops and veterans.


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