New Ad: Who is Alison Grimes, and what is she hiding?

Grimes won’t tell Kentuckians where she stands – no ideas, or just too liberal?
(Louisville) The Kentucky Opportunity Coalition, a 501(c)4 non-profit corporation with a mission of educating citizens about issues affecting Kentuckians, released a new television ad Tuesday morning focused on two key questions: who is Alison Grimes, and where does she stand on the issues?
“Media reports tell us people just don’t know where Grimes stands because she refuses to say, dodging reporters or ‘awkwardly’ declining to answer questions about important topics like Obamacare,” said Scott Jennings, senior advisor to the Kentucky Opportunity Coalition. “She either doesn’t know the answers or is afraid to reveal certain positions because they are out of step with Kentucky values. Either way, sending Alison Grimes to Washington is just too risky,” Jennings said.

The new Kentucky Opportunity Coalition TV ad can be found here:

ANNC:  What do we know about Alison Grimes? The Bowling Green Daily News says she “waffles on the issues…hides from voters.” The Herald-Leader reports Grimes is “nearly impossible to pin down.” Dodging the tough questions:

CN2 (ALESSI): “Grimes declined to expand on her general message and answer questions from reporters.”

FOX NEWS (CAMERON): “Grimes awkwardly refused to say this week whether she would have voted for ObamaCare.”

ANNC: Alison Grimes. What’s she hiding?

The Coalition is running the new ad statewide on broadcast and cable at a total expenditure of $715-thousand. It will air from July 8 through July 16.

It is part of the previously announced $4.66 million ad buy that runs through the end of August.

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