No More Obamacare

“No More Obamacare” Petition

Steve Beshear and Frankfort liberals won’t stop in their sad attempt to keep Obamacare.

When Steve Beshear left office, he left Kentucky in shambles.

  • An implementation of Obamacare by executive order, Beshear saying that those opposing expansion should “get over it.”

And now, Beshear is attacking Governor Matt Bevin for trying to clean up the mess.

Beshear and Frankfort liberals just don’t get it.

Governor Bevin and Conservative Reformers are making the tough decisions to clean up Beshear’s Obamacare mess and restore fiscal responsibility.

Sign the petition today. Send a message that Kentucky rejects Obamacare being forced on us by liberal leaders and Frankfort insiders like Steve Beshear, and that it’s time to put our fiscal house in order.

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